Can't keep up with the new, hot, and hip on your coast? Us either. That's why we created this: From technology to fashion, we're your one stop shop for the latest in coastal trends.

All the Way From the Mile High, We Would Proudly Like to Present….Us :)


Welcome to East2Westrending!!

This blog is by Rosalyn and Sara, 2 best friends from college, who are taking each Coast by storm and sharing it all with you! Stay tuned for weekly updates on what we see as trending in fashion, entertainment, technology, politics and the social good. It doesn’t matter where you live. We are noticing trends and want to make sure you’re in the know.

Once upon a time, Rosalyn and Sara decided to leave the comfort of their homes and their family and friends behind to pursue careers and ambitions that only our nation’s capital could provide them. The Denver duo had a lot of fun experiencing a political haven and met many friends, but they also shared similar frustrations of working in a new city in their 20 somethings.  Ultimately, Rosalyn discovered that she was more interested in entertainment, and the bright lights of Hollywood drew her in.  She moved to Los Angeles leaving behind her best friend on the East Coast. Among many discussions about the coastal trends and dynamics, we realize that for all of it’s similarities, the East and West coast could be entirely different planets. That intrigued and inspired to create this: The East2Westrending blog! And the rest is history…

Before we start trending, we thought you should get to know us a little bit.

My name is Rosalyn. I just turned 25 and I relocated from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles. I left network television and politics behind in pursuit of entertainment news and the glitz and glam of Hollywood.
The move from the East Coast to the West Coast was daunting, and now I face an unknown city and no familiar faces. In my mid twenties, I want to meet new people, but I have to admit it is not that easy!

Can we just talk about the differences and the culture shock I’m currently facing?

I found DC to be very intense and network driven. People wore suits on casual Friday. They don’t just drink without networking. What you do comes up in the first couple of questions when first meeting a stranger. I came to CA with blazers, heavy rain gear and an appreciation for being on time. I walked everywhere in DC so when I found out my apartment in LA was only a mile away from the grocery store, my first thought was great I can walk!
I haven’t had a car in a year and a half, because I got away with walking and taking the metro. The freeing feeling  of having one now is amazing. Goodbye carrying groceries and only buying food for the day! I can even go to Costco!

Now I’m getting used to traffic, merging on freeways and parking. It’s a shame that I can’t parallel park to save my life.
These are all just inconveniences though because I am now close to the ocean!

Growing up by mountains always made me want to go to the beach for vacation. Now every day can be a vacation!
Oh and I have a pool! Apparently that’s no big deal here, because I find myself to be the only one at that pool daily.
Although I’ve only been out here a couple of months so far, people seem friendly and comfortable here. The shorts and flip-flops look never goes out of style, and I love how casual people appear to be here.

It reminds me of home. Speaking of home, Sara and I just went back there and reunited there for my birthday weekend. Seeing family and friends out there really made me want to move back, but I know I have to stay strong and pursue my ambitions.

On that note,
I will let Sara tell you about hers.


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