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The Girl in D.C.


Hello to all those who are reading this for the first time! Oh wait that’s probably everyone.

I’m Sara 🙂 As Rosalyn ‘said,’ I’ve decided to stick around our nation’s capitol to do what everyone does when they come out here: work too much, learn a TON, network, accelerate their career, feel like their doing something that makes a difference, and experience the trials and tribulations of their 20s in a city that is just as in flux as well…their 20s. Alrightso the last one is less than desirable but that’s the breaks. But truthfully I’m in a job that I love and am passionate about and while my sociallife continues to move down the list of priorities, I genuinely get so much joy out of getting to say to people “I love my job.” So, what is this amazing gig!? Well if you’re an East coast rez, resident that it, it’s probably not going to sound all that intriguing but here it goes…I work for a non-profit. An organization that supports the work of and conducts its own work for a governing body that is truly unlike any other. One that has shifted the fate of people’s lives in profound ways and has been an unprecedented facilitator during many of our world’s darkest eras.

See, now you want to come work where I work don’t you? D.C. to me is fascinating and diverse, never an empty space or time – there is ALWAYS something happening here. I like to call it our European state. The architecture and history here are unlike any other. Here meaning DC/Virginia/Maryland because let’s face it, all 3 states refer to themselves as D.C. In fact, I moved to the Commonwealth (Yes, VA) several months ago and still tell people I live in D.C. For all of its intellectuals, its European feel, its opportunity, D.C. can be a challenging place to live.  Since we’ll be talking about trends I have to say that I find the fashion trends in D.C. to leave something to be desired. Pastels and boat shoes, while classy and fun on occasion are the staple articles/colors of clothing here. It actually baffles me because honestly, where is everyone going boating and why haven’t I been invited? There’s also something I call “The Great Divide” here which signifies the strong sentiment of regionalism here – that if you live in Virginia, going into D.C. is like having to try to traverse the Berlin Wall except both sides think of themselves as the West. Really, that’s only a slight exaggeration.

D.C. doesn’t remind me much of home which I miss so frequently but frankly feel that there’s always something pulling me back. I think there always has been. So for now, let the road lead where it may and my troubles be few and far between…and let the trends begin!


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