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East & West Coast Chapter 9.16.13


This is the official first West Coast Trends chapter, and to begin, I want to share this tweet with DC Sara in mind. It’s tweeted by a journalist I used to work with @jaketapper but is actually from NPR.”Study: DC residents 3x more likely to tweet about Syria than twerking, bucking national trend. (Via NPR)”


I miss DC for this very reason. People out there tend to be so in the know about current affairs and will gladly share their perspective without you even having to ask. If you follow either one of us on Twitter, this week you noticed that Sara tweeted at me a story that Katie Couric tweeted on Buzzfeed.

Great find, definitely #trending and worth reading whether you’re female or not.

“Women are Covering The Hell Out of the Syria War So Why Haven’t You Noticed?”

Link here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/sheerafrenkel/women-are-covering-the-hell-out-of-the-syria-war-so-why-have


Can you believe Miley Cyrus twerking is still #trending? I didn’t even know what twerking was and now I find myself in to the entertainment news business talking about how to twerk like Miley. For the record, I don’t know how! If someone wants to show us how, let me know and you’ll definitely be featured on here!

In other entertainment news, the #Emmys are tomorrow! Fall TV season is upon us! Don’t forget to tune into tomorrow @ 5 PM PST/ 8 PM ET.

I have a feeling @HouseofCards will win for best dramatic series, and this would make it the first time in history that an online show wins! We live in exciting times people!

CA is abuzz about this Awards show so check out your favorite celebrities tomorrow no matter where you live!


With the #Emmys red carpet tomorrow, I will pick my favorite ensemble (best dressed female and male!) for next week’s edition.

Speaking of designer fashion, one of my favorite designers is Rachel Zoe.

@RachelZoe if you’re reading this, this one’s for you!

I went to the LA office of @RachelZoe this past week and was impressed. The @ZoeReport is very up and coming. You can get your daily dose of Zoe below and quick spoiler alert: gray is in!

Link here: http://www.thezoereport.com


Trending on the West Coast is whether I need an Iphone 5s or not and why gold seems to be so sold out. JK!

Seriously though, I have yet to download the IOS7 as I fear I wont like it. As the cute guy at the Which Which out here told me when we had this exact discussion, “Save everything and back it up and if you don’t like it, you can always go back!”

If only life was so easy!

Before making my decision to updgrade, I read these #trending comments on Mashable and think some great points were made. If you haven’t upgraded yet, check it out and help me decide.

Link here: http://mashable.com/2013/09/21/ios7-arives-top-comments/#gallery/top-comments-921/523e1845318297120c007c66


I have to do some shameless bragging on behalf of my brother who started up @AltitudeMedical and invented PullClean. One in 20 patients are infected at the hospital, and this invention is revolutionary to combat that.

Think about this not just in hospitals but cruise ships and public places.


Link here: http://www.pullclean.com/

And this blog’s not over just yet!

I want to share a YouTube video that has over 15 million views.

The song is catchy, but I want to know how he goes from NY to Italy so quickly and how can I do this? Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful life and message!

Enjoy!! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to read Sara’s East Coast version tomorrow!

Until next week,



Hey Readers!

Epic updates above and I feel it only appropriate to return the virtual share by posting an equally comical tweet by @LAWeekly. Take a look:

I wonder if Adam Swart will decide to do a Groupon promotion, then Rosalyn and I can test out this temporary A-list lifestyle together and fill you in on the experience. Though I have a feeling if I hired my own entourage and paparazzi in D.C. people would come up and ask me which state I represent while Rosalyn would end up on some smash hit TV comedy series. #DClovespolitics. I wonder if you get to keep all of those photos the ‘paparazzi’ takes? #newFacebookdefaultphoto? Interested in Crowds on Demand? See their services below:

  • Celebrity Airport Greeting
  • Celebrity Shopping Experience
  • Celebrity Fan Experience
  • “It’s all about ME” Day
  • Corporate Public Relations
  • Political Manpower
  • Rally for YOU

Already tried Crowds on Demand? Share your experience with us!


Rosalyn is right and as anyone could guess the Capitol is still experiencing the after shock from last week’s mass shooting that took place at the Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington D.C. killing 12 people. Monday’s events re-ignited discussions around gun-violence, including mention in President Obama’s speech during the memorial service for he Navy Yard victims where he stated:

“Surely we can do better than this,” Mr. Obama said. “If there is even one step we can take to save another child, or another parent, or another town from the grief that has visited Tucson and Aurora and Oak Creek and Newtown and communities from Columbine to Blacksburg before that, then surely we have an obligation to try.”

While people were appalled at the events that took place, this was only one of a number of incidents that have take place on military bases in recent years. Some may recall the shooting that took place at Fort Hood in Texas killing 13 people or the incident at Quantico Marine Corps base where three perished. All this to say I hope Monday marked the last of this sad trend.

Haven’t had a chance to catch up? Yahoo’s on it: http://news.yahoo.com/military-shootings-shake-sense-security-190358319.html

The Quantico Incident: http://www.cnn.com/2013/03/22/us/virginia-quantico-shooting/index.html


The East coast is abuzz about the recent winner of the Miss America pageant and the outlandish responses her victory has caused. Nina Davuluri is a New York native and the first Indian-American woman to win the Miss America pageant. What many people don’t know is the sheer irony behind this public backlash.

Of all of the issues out there to choose from for her platform during the competition, the beauty queen chose ‘celebrating diversity through cultural competency.’ Nina, we’re going to need to borrow your platform ‘cuz I’m sensing a serious lack of that whole cultural competency thing in this country. I’m glad to report however that amid the the negative publicity, Nina Davuluri has handled the situation with grace and poise saying that she just needs to “rise above it.” This is a shout out to you @NinaDavuluri and to the positive change you symbolize 🙂


It’s that time of year again folks, it’s FASHION WEEK in D.C going on September 23 – 29. Now I know what you’re thinking, “there’s fashion in D.C?” But it’s true! Among the sea of pastels and boat shoes are some really remarkable designers. Check out this video to see what’s hot and happening in the Capitol’s fashion scene:


What’s the latest tech trend on the East coast? What else? The iPhone. You know it’s a big deal here because instead of the first question when you meet someone being “so, what do you do?” it’s now, “have you seen the new iPhone software?” #millennials. And speaking of, on behalf of my other fellow millennials I would like to thank @BuzzFeed for releasing this wonderful tutorial meant for our parents but that really assists the number of us younger folk who still struggle to keep up with the latest and greatest technology.

Link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/samimain/send-this-to-your-parents-to-explain-ios-7

Also, click on the picture below to check out this trending info-graphic from @gadgetloveit of Scott Forstall and Jony Ive – former and current Senior Vice Presidents at Apple responsible for the design of the iOS 6 & iOS7, respectively 🙂



So, everyone and their mother should be attending this event or watching the live stream because it-is-HUGE. It’s an event that started four years ago and happens every year now during the week of the United Nations General Assembly. It’s a slew of sessions featuring some of the world’s most influential, innovative, impactful leaders doing their part to make the world a better place. We’re talking celebs, journalists, politicians, actors, singers, private sector, non-profit, you name it, they’ve got it folks. Simply put, it’s amazing. This year includes the likes of will.i.am., Libby Leffler, Barbara Bush, Ron Garan (who? An astronaut), Ian Somerhalder and so many more. Check out the rest of the lineup at http://mashable.com/sgs/ and tune into the live stream!

Because I’m such an advocate for it I’ve also got to give you the skinny on a related platform called +SocialGood.

So, ya know those moments when you hear that a bunch of world leaders somewhere are attempting to solve some monumental issue and you think to yourself, “Omg, why aren’t they doing “x” to solve this problem?” or “if I was them I would definitely want to be considering “y” when talking about “z.” Ok, you get it. But what I’m saying is, here’s your chance. Your chance to pull up a seat to the table of global conversations about the world’s most pressing issues and make a contribution to your community. +SocialGood is an online platform where you can host ‘meet ups’ anywhere in the world to initiate or add to a conversation about how we can make real change in the new digital era. Ok so what do these ‘meet-up’ things look like? Well, like anything you want! Google hangout, massive conference, coffee shop conversation, pep rally, Twitter party…I said anything. But that’s what makes it so cool! Already having these conversations or planning something? Tack on +SocialGood to the name and join the movement! Click here for inspiration and get more information below.

The Link: www.plussocialgood.org/

‘See’ you next week!




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