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East2West Trends Chapter Oct. 14, 2013

Welcome back to this weeks East2West trends!


We’re (the government) open for business folks! The happy hour deals are over, the day drinking has ceased, and everyone is now deciding which Congressman/woman they are going to be for Halloween, with a (bet you’d never guess) ‘CLOSED’ sign around their neck. There are far too many to pick from if you ask me…I guess I’ll have to go with Sharknado.

But let’s talk about the aftermath of the first government shutdown our country has seen in twelve years.

What did 16 days without our representatives cost us? According to an estimate from Standard and Poor’s, $24 billion. Oops.


So what was the resolution?

Early Thursday morning, Obama signed a bill that funds the government through January 1, 2014 and suspends the U.S. debt limit through February 7, 2014.  So what does that mean? That means there is potential for this to happen all over again and with worse  consequences as the U.S. risks defaulting on its obligations. Stay tuned…


Link here: http://www.businessinsider.com/debt-ceiling-government-shutdown-vote-senate-house-2013-10#ixzz2iDwh9Nx1


Let’s talk about Siri for a second. Not the Siri that sasses you when you ask her why she can’t just tell where the nearest Starbucks is. I’m talking about the real ‘Siri.’ The woman whose voice has been guiding you to the nearest taco bell for 2am munchies and has now become almost a close virtual friend because let’s face it, you’ve had more conversations with her then your own mother. Two years after the iPhone 4s was released with Siri, the woman behind the microphone was revealed. Meet…’Siri’ a.k.a Susan Bennett


Read her story of newfound stardom here: http://www.cnn.com/2013/10/15/tech/mobile/bennett-siri-voice-follow/index.html


Alright we’ve put it off long enough but no more! It’s October people and the question on everyone’s mind is…why isn’t Starbucks Peppermint Mocha out yet. Ok, ok that’s just mine. The real question is, what are you planning to be for Halloween? Sharknado is taken but we have hundreds of Congressmen so brush off that ‘ol cardboard box you’ve had in your garage since you moved and get to writ in’ 🙂 you’ll be in good company.

Orrrr, you can check these out for some ideas…

Link here: http://www.policymic.com/articles/67619/10-halloween-costumes-that-are-so-2013

Game of Thrones Fan? How about the dragon lady…



This week on the East coast I would feel remised not to cover the new ‘Square Cash’ from Square Inc. Whenever I ask people about Square in D.C, they give me a funny look and I wait patiently after I follow it with, ‘ya know, the mobile credit card reader…that people use at markets.’ But THIS, this is putting Square on the map! Not necessarily because it’s a new, novel idea but because Square has stepped up its game this year. With announcements of coding camps, open source, and the introductions of Square Marketplace and Square Cash, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

So what is Square Cash?

It’s a free service that allows you to send money to someone else via e-mail. Cool right?

But if we’re being honest here, they’re a bit behind the ball. Google Wallet allows you to do the same thing with a limit of $50,000 per (work) week. Square allows you to send $250 per every five days or $2,500 if you link your account with Facebook. Venmo, an app my friends and I use frequently also offers the same service and users can send up to $3,000 per week. So what’s the difference? Transaction fees for one. Venmo charges a 3% fee when using a credit card (as opposed to a debit), and Google Wallet charges a 2.9% transaction fees if users’ Google Wallet account is not hooked up to their bank account.

Find out more here: http://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-tn-square-cash-comparison-20131016,0,2453599.story


Deciding what to cover for social good is always a challenge because despite the never ending not-so-positive news stories you see everyday, there is a lot of good being done around the world. And this week, thanks to Pinterest, you can get involved too. Check out some of these Fall fashions that will help you to keep looking fabulous, and provide support for those in need.

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 11.50.33 PM

Link here: http://www.pinterest.com/shopwithmeaning/social-good-products/

That’s all for now!
Hello again from LA!
Thanks to DC Sara for keeping us updated on the latest. I just don’t understand what the point of this government shutdown was.  As if I wasn’t jaded enough after living in DC, now I’m just left confused out here on the West Coast. Thankfully for people far away like me, Buzzfeed shows us the positive after the shutdown.
Link here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/andrewkaczynski/michelle-obamas-vegetable-garden-is-being-cared-for-again
Michelle Obama’s Vegetable Garden is back!
Sara and I visited the garden on 2 different White House tours. It was pretty neat to see the garden and the backyard of the White House up close!


Ok, can I just say that I’m surprised to see the actual face of Siri? For some reason, I imagined an actual robot. That woman officially has the coolest job in the world.

Back to the entertainment of LALA Land, I know we all talk about weddings and which ones we’re going to and not going to. Facebook reminds me every day of how my friends are getting engaged and planning their weddings and having babies, but this couple I think deserves a public congrats!

Topanga got married!!

Link here: http://omg.yahoo.com/news/danielle-fishel-marries-fiance-tim-belusko-downtown-l-005000894-us-weekly.html

The former Boy Meets World star tied the knot, and the story of how she met her beau is adorable. Good for you Danielle for going back to school, being good at math and tutoring your now husband!

I would have loved to have gone to this Downtown LA wedding!


Now I have to say Halloween can be so stressful. The big question is what are you going to be? Couples needs couples costumes, singles need sexy costumes, dogs need their small costumes and I just need a costume at this point, period.

What am I going to be for Halloween? That is a very good question. If Sara was celebrating Halloween with me, we could have been Lucy and Ethel, Ketchup and Mustard or Batgirl and Supergirl. Yes, I’ve been to my local Spirit!

What surprises me the most about Halloween fashion this year is the Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke costumes. Who is  paying $9.99 for that foam finger? #notjudging

All I know is that I have yet to pick a costume, but I am taking suggestions!

For now, these blimps are selling out! Get one while you still can.

Blimpz Nude Inflatable Adult Costume

Link here: http://halloween-costumes.spirithalloween.com/search?view=grid&w=blimp


Now, my friends will make fun of me because I always think walking somewhere is so close even when it is not. The truth is that I love walking! I really miss life in DC because you get to walk around so much there.  I didn’t have a car there so walking was my only solution if I didn’t want to Metro or cab. Just think how much more of a city you can see when you’re on your feet. So when I read this, I was shocked!

Because of technology, young adults are only walking 5 minutes a day?

Link here: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-57608303-71/young-adults-hardly-ever-walk-because-of-technology/



I completely agree with Sara in DC here. There is enough bad news in this world to make you wonder about if good happens. I always hear “Why doesn’t the media every cover anything positive?”, and it just makes me think about how so much of our lives are spent reading and watching horrible news. I want to take this space to share something I saw this week that made me smile, particularly this quote, “For a brief moment in time, you were a moment in someone’s life. A mere extra, passing through their thoughts in milliseconds, but milliseconds of their story nonetheless. For every person you’ve exchanged eye contact with, you have made a contribution to their existence, be it significant or not.

Check out these 7 happy facts for some positivity this week. :

Link here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/05/happy-facts_n_4037722.html?utm_hp_ref=less-stress-more-living

Also, hopefully this will make you laugh as much as it made us laugh. Sara and I officially went to the #15 sexiest college according to The Daily Beast. The best part about this is that they took a picture of students in the library, because studying can be sexy too!

Link here: http://www.local10.com/news/education/the-daily-beasts-20-sexiest-colleges/-/2555914/22485650/-/ub8htt/-/index.html

Thanks for reading!



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