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East2West Trends Chapter Oct. 21, 2013


Aside from sharp personalities and fast pace the East coast loves its finance and politics so I feel I’d be remiss not to report the latest on JPMorgan & Chase Co. From an overall $13 billion accord the firm is negotiating with the government, JPMorgan Chase & Co. has conceded to ‘pay $5.1 billion to settle Federal Housing Finance Agency claims related to home loans and mortgage-backed securities the company sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.’


Get the full download here: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57608321/

News article: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-10-25/jpmorgan-to-pay-5-1-billion-to-settle-mortgage-claims.html


Before I begin my update on the fabulous Blake Lively can I just say how devastating it was to find out that she married Ryan Reynolds? Now I haven’t a chance with either of them! Kidding. But seriously, who doesn’t have a bit of a girl crush on Blake Lively?

And for those of you that do, she is heading back to the big screen! I think we can all agree that from her initial series and film she has grown exponentially as an actress. In a new movie called The Age of Adaline, she stars as an ‘ageless beauty’ who becomes immortal after a near death accident. Then, in a very Hercules-type fashion, meets the man of her dreams who may be worth sacrificing her immortality for. Oh, the suspense! Ug, I can’t wait to see it.


Link: http://www.imdb.com/news/ni56317220/


So, ever since I saw Megan & Liz the other day I’ve been noticing this amazing Fall dress and boot trend around. I even went out and got a little ensemble myself. So for those of you experiencing the same bazar, sort of Fall but hint of Summer weather, take a look some of these fun Fall fashion ideas.

dress3 sweaterdress1dress2


Rosalyn and I talk a lot about online dating, so this week I want to cover one of the most media prominent and widely utilized dating social media tools out there, Tinder. Many of you are nodding as you’re reading this because you’re on it, cringing because you’ve decided  there is no way you would ever try it and the rest of you are (hopefully) intrigued at the prospect of an even easier more efficient way to date online. Tinder was brought to my attention about a year ago by a younger friend of mine (recently out of college) who said a lot of his friends were on it. Then I started hearing about it from other people and that it was huge among the high school age groups, and nowww I’m hearing that everyone, their mother, and their grandmother is using this thing. So naturally, I had to get to do some East coast investigating.


What is it? It’s a free app that lets you scroll through singles’ pictures that are within a 10 mile radius and give immediate feedback on whether you’re interested or not. When I heard that I thought, ‘sounds a lot like Grindr,’ which is a similar app that describes itself on its website as ‘the largest and most popular all-male location-based social network out there. With more than 4 million guys in 192 countries around the world — and approximately 10,000 more new users downloading the app every day…Grindr is a simple app that uses your mobile device’s location-based services to show you the guys closest to you who are also on Grindr. How much of your info they see is entirely your call.’ Sounds pretty popular, right? Tinder is even bigger.

Tinder describes itself simply as an app that allows you to ‘[find] out who likes you nearby, and connects you with them if you’re also interested.’ In the New York Times last week, it was reported that ‘New Yorkers are among the most prolific users of Tinder. On Oct. 1, the company surveyed the use of the app within the city during the peak hours of 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. It found that during an average hour of use, 620,000 profiles were rated, 19,000 matches were made and more than 60,000 messages were exchanged.’ Whoa. Instant gratification! I’d say that’s just so American but the article also claimed that ‘2% of the entire population of the Netherlands signed up for the service.’ Thinking about giving Tinder a try? Contact us and tell us about your experience!

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/27/nyregion/finding-love-the-old-shallow-way.html?_r=0&adxnnl=1&ref=nyregion&adxnnlx=1382904716-OkXzAzWzLEWmbkr+rm2SjA

Link: http://nymag.com/thecut/2013/10/how-tinder-solved-online-dating-for-women.html


Because I’m such an advocate for the UN, I have to inform all of you non-believers (and believers who didn’t know it had its own day) that Oct. 24th was International United Nations Day (cue shouting, whistles, clapping). As a result of UN Day, I had the pleasure of escorting Colorado college students around Capitol Hill, meeting with policymakers’ staff to tell them why the U.S. should continue to support the UN and continue its positive relationship with the governing body. It was an energizing experience that really reminded me the importance of effective mediation and why the UN is so valuable. So let me tell you a little bit about it…

What is UN Day?

UN Day, held every year on October 24, marks the anniversary of the entry into force in 1945 of the UN Charter.

Why is the UN important?


If you take a look at those statistics and you’re still not a believer in the UN, take a look at this.

Link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/unausa/10-reasons-why-the-un-is-pretty-great-fwlr

No one can deny the legitimacy of an institution that’s on Buzzfeed…or a leader that can Gangnam Style 🙂

Ta-ta my amazing readers, and see below for the latest and greatest in LALA Land!




Hey ladies and gentlemen! It’s me, Ros, still  in LA LA land and my, my has it been a week! I always love reading Sara’s posts on the East Coast, and this week is no different. I feel both enlightened and bothered and if you stick around, I’ll tell you why later in this very blog.


So all this time, I thought LA didn’t care about politics. Your political affiliation doesn’t come up in the first 3 questions at the bar so naturally, I thought the people here were less politically inclined then in D.C.! However, this past week has proved me wrong. I was at a restaurant/bar waiting for a friend to arrive and sitting in the bar area. Next to me, 3 elderly women were sipping on cosmos. Now I’m not one to eavesdrop, but they were sitting so close, I couldn’t help but hear every word. Guess what they were talking about? President Obama himself and you may have guessed it “Obamacare”! I thought this was absolutely fascinating. Cosmos and Obamacare? This must be LA!

Seriously though, after hearing their conversation about how Obamacare would affect their friends and how the web site was annoying to them, I became curious about it all. So I finally went to the Healthcare.gov site to see what these little old ladies were buzzing about. Link here: https://www.healthcare.gov/

Now this web site has reportedly had a lot of problems, and so I’m going to draw your attention to what I read on Yahoo! Link here: http://news.yahoo.com/key-u-official-faces-grilling-over-obamacare-website-050809165–sector.html


“The website is terrible … but the real problem is the law, which is causing people to lose coverage that they already have,” one Republican aide said.”

Do you think the web site is terrible? If you haven’t already, check out the buzz about the web site, learn about the best health care plan for you and join those old ladies with cosmos, because these health care debate doesn’t seem like it will be ending any time soon!


This week, I have the most entertaining post that I think I have had on this blog thus far. Now remember that time that Rosalyn auditioned for a game show? Well folks, now you will! In LA LA land, these auditions are common. You can find them on Craigslist or Facebook or through word of mouth. Everyone I talk to to out here has auditioned for something. So I decided that it was my turn. Personally, I have always wanted to be a contestant on “Wheel of Fortune”. I also think my family could be great at “Family Feud”. This audition was for neither of those. It’s an upcoming show on Game Show Network called “Mind of a Man”. Here is the description in “The Hollywood Reporter”.

LInk here: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/gsn-orders-celebrity-game-show-606483

The audition process was fascinating with it being an open call and only women in the same room as you all competing for the exact same chance to be on a game show. I can only imagine this on a larger scale for movies and television. It was interesting for me to think about how actors get so used to rejection after being in casting calls like this. The audition process can be so intense because everyone is sizing each you up and automatically judging you while waiting for their own name to be called. The women sitting next to me also had never auditioned for a game show so we really bonded. The casting director made cuts on the spot. Now I can’t officially say how far I got, but all I can say is, tune in to GSN in December/January and set those TiVos!!

This is going to be a great show.


I like the fall fashion trends that Sara is putting out there. I feel like those would fit in here as well.

What I love more than anything out here is “CA winter clothes”. I’m used to the North Faces, the UGGs, the sweats and the huge puffy jackets, because I grew up in Denver and there’s no shortage of those items there. To my surprise, all of the same winter wear exists here as well.

However, the temperature just is not quite the same. Our cold so far has consisted of 70 degrees, 65 degrees and a “sweater weather” in the evening. I’m starting to feel like the night time is freezing, but “freezing” is definitely relative to what I’m used to.

So in honor of fall and winter around the corner, I would like to show you some layering trends, because if you’re in DC or in LA, layering will always come in handy! Thank you Glamour for telling me what I need, because honestly, I never know what to wear.

Link here: http://www.glamour.com/fashion/2013/01/10-winter-layering-fashion-essentials-every-woman-should-own#slide=1

This girl on Glamour’s slide show looks city chic!

The 10 Winter Layering Fashion Essentials Every Woman Should Own


Sara and I are always on the same page. This past week, a coworker told me about this Tinder experiences, and I honestly had no idea what Tinder even was. Is the idea really to just hook up via the app or are people finding true love on this thing? I’m a little bothered by this idea of quickly finding a stranger near you. I’m not sure that I want to know the closest available bachelor to me, but then again, maybe this is just the modern day boy next door!

So on this note of apps, I want to talk about the various forms of car services. I have been a loyal Uber rider, and I can honestly say that those experiences have been so nice. My question though is now that there are “SideCar” and “Lyft”, which one is truly the most affordable and best mode of late night transportation?I have yet to try out the others, but I’m hearing that the others may in fact be cheaper. Also, did anybody the fare increases on Uber? I checked it out last night and due to the “high demand”, my uber would have been 2x the price!

Don’t worry DC Sara, Lyft is coming your way!


This just means we will both have to give it a go!


Neither Sara or I went to Lakewood High School in Colorado, but this story makes me so proud that this high school is located in our home state.

Lakewood High School not only won the Katy Perry lib dub “Roar” contest and got the star to perform for them, but they came up with “One World, One Roar”. The idea is that if every high school raises $1,000 for the charity of their choice, millions of dollars could be donated to charities.

Link here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/22/lakewood-high-katy-perry_n_4144898.html?utm_hp_ref=impact

Way to go LHS!

That’s all for this week, but thanks for reading and have a happy and safe Halloween!




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